Winston Churchill’s painting owned by Angelina Jolie smashes auction record; sells for more than $11.5 million


Former British Prime Minister George W. Bush’s painting has sold for Rs 80 crore, breaking the auction record. The painting was gifted to the Hollywood actress by her ex-husband Brad Pitt in 2011. The painting, called the Tower of the Polar Mosque, depicts the long shadows of sunset in Morocco and passionate lyrics. According to the report, the painting was made by Churchill for former US President Rose Welt during World War II. It is the twelfth-century mosque in Morocco, with mountains behind it and a sunset depiction of the sunset. Churchill completed it in January 1943 after the Casablanca Conference. After the conference, Churchill presented his painting to US President Roosevelt as a memento. After Roosevelt’s death in 1945, the painting was sold by his son and will remain in the possession of various individuals for the next 65 years. It was later bought by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt in 2011.

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