Virtual talk between Sania Mirza and Narendra Modi

Sania and Modi

Leading Indian tennis star Sania Mirza and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a virtual conversation before attending the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Sania Mirza has shared videos of herself talking to Narendra Modi on her Insta Stories, in which Sania can be seen talking to the Indian Prime Minister through a video call.

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He has also shared a link to watch the full video of his conversation with Narendra Modi on Insta Story and Twitter, which has been uploaded on his YouTube channel.

In the video, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi praises India’s number one tennis star Sania Mirza and asks her, “You are the hero of the people and you have played with great players. What do you think of becoming a tennis champion?” What are the advantages?

Answering the question, Sania Mirza said that she believes that tennis is an international sport in which when she started her career 25 years ago, not many people used to play tennis but today many such children There are those who want to lift a tennis racket and make it their profession.