In occupied Kashmir, a plane-shaped balloon was seized, police rushed to the spot after seeing ‘PIA’ written on the plane.

Pia Balloon

A ship-like balloon named PIA was seized in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Police had started running after seeing ‘PIA’ written on the plane. Even before this, it was revealed that a Pakistani spy pigeon was caught by India. However, India’s interesting lie had become a source of ridicule. But the Indian claim was made a joke and now once again India has made a joke of itself. According to Indian media, a plane-shaped balloon with PIA written on it fell in Sutra Chak village of Herangar sector in Kathua district. Occupied Kashmir police seized the balloon. Interesting tweets are being made by users on social media and a lot of jokes have been made about India, while an Indian user said that regardless of the joke, our radar Didn’t see it, if you saw it, why didn’t you kill it, instead let it land on the ground. One user said that the pigeons are busy flirting with your division brigades.

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