House isolation order even after meeting a corona patient in Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia

Riyadh (Online) The Saudi Arabian government has issued orders to anyone who meets a patient infected with the corona virus to stay in house isolation. According to Arab media, the spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Health Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Ali said that He said that more strict arrangements are being made to reduce the number of corona cases in the country. He said that now it would be necessary for a person who meets a patient infected with corona virus to undergo house isolation for 10 days. The person who comes in contact with the virus will also be tested for corona and will have to undergo house isolation even if the result is negative. He said that there is still no reduction in cases of corona virus in Saudi Arabia. It could be worse at any time. Therefore, the more SOPs are followed to control it, the sooner it will be easier to deal with and get rid of the virus. Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Ali has said that anyone should take the corona vaccine. Is not prevented and everyone should get vaccinated against the virus immediately and there is a safe way to get rid of infectious diseases