Farmers protest, India’s outcry erupts after UK takes notice of the matter, British High Commissioner summoned to New Delhi


New Delhi (Online) Screams erupted in New Delhi when the UK announced to raise the issue of farmers’ protests in India. The British High Commissioner has been summoned. According to a foreign news agency, three and a half months have passed since the farmers ‘protest against the controversial agricultural laws in India, but now the farmers’ protest in India has become global. The shouts of India were heard. The echo of Indian farmers also reached the British Parliament. The issue of farmers was debated in the British Parliament for 90 minutes. In which the United Kingdom announced to raise the issue in the meeting of the Prime Ministers. India termed the debate as interference in internal affairs. In the Lok Sabha session too, Punjabi member Harsamrat Kaur Badal opposed the government. He said that the government’s claim that the laws were in the interest of the farmers was wrong. On the other hand, the family of a Sikh worker who died during a protest on the Tukri border demanded justice from the government and funds for child support. Indian farmers have announced to bring tractors outside Parliament if the laws are not withdrawn