Tourism in Swat will be further promoted through international standard sports facilities

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Tourism in Swat will be further promoted through international standard sports facilities in the valley, two cricket one hockey stadium in pipeline and a badminton court near completion, Fazal Hakeem Khan Yousafzai
Chairman District Development Advisory Committee (DDAC) Fazal Hakeem Khan Yousafzai visited Grassy Ground in Saidu Sharif to examine progress on the design of cricket ground on Wednesday.
Regional Sports Officer Kashif Farhan briefed Chairman DDAC regarding the new design of the cricket ground. Reviewing the progress, Fazal Hakeem Khan directed the Regional Sports Officer to expedite the designing process.
He said that there is a lot of talent in sports among the youth in Swat district and Malakand division and talent needs to be provided opportunities at the international level.
“Cricket stadiums in Kalam and Saidu Sharif will provide opportunities for healthy activities and recreation on one hand and will create a platform for youngsters to show off their talents on the other”, said Chairman DDAC.
He said that holding of international sports events would further boost tourism in Swat and Malakand division.
Chairman DDAC said that in line with the vision and desire of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Saidu Sharif’s Grassy Cricket Ground is being constructed in a modern style, the design of which has entered the final stages.
He said Rs 470 million will be spent on the project and it will be a unique stadium of its kind. In addition, the construction of a modern badminton court in Saidu Sharif has entered the final stages on which Rs 100 million is being spent, added Chairman DDAC.
Along with cricket and badminton, national sports hockey is also being promoted in the district and a hockey ground is being constructed for this purpose at a cost of Rs 100 million he said.
He said that our youth are the real asset of the country and only by spending money on the youth and creating opportunities for them can the dream of real development be realized. Fazal Hakeem Khan said that for the first time in decades, the previous government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf put special emphasis on the promotion of sports in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Due to continued efforts of the then Minister and now Chief Minister Mehmood Khan the sports facilities are being expanded to remote areas, said Chairman DDAC.

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