Canadian Vlogger Rosie Gabrielle marries Pakistani traveler

Rosie Gabrielle

Canadian vlogger and biker Rosie Gabrielle has tied the knot with Pakistani traveler Adeel Amer.
Rosie took to social-networking website and posted her picture with Adeel in a wedding outfit and wrote, “Never would I think that I would come to Pakistan and fall in love. Not only with a country and its people, but one very special individual in particular.”
“My whole life I searched for him. My soul mate, my companion, my best friend,” she added.
“Before I came to Pakistan, I surrendered my need to find someone. I made a pact with God, that if I had to spend the rest of my life living for only Him, and loving myself, without needing someone to “complete me”, so be it,” she said, adding, “I finally knew deep down that I’m enough. And I didn’t need anyone to make me whole. It’s a funny thing to surrender; the moment you do, you are gifted 10 times over. Divine says, give up your desire for your needs, for what I have in store for you, is much greater,” Rosie went on to say.
The blogger wrote, “Our love was written in the stars. There was a subtle familiarity and connection I had never felt and more, it’s as if we had lived a thousand lifetimes before. In the most unsuspected place I found, a love so rare, so profound. God gifted me you and you to me, to reflect back His Divinity. To truly find our life’s sacred calling, our souls emerge hearts exalting. My best friend, companion, motivator, inspiration, my heart my soul, my love, my husband Adeel Amer.”
In January 2020, Rosie Gabrielle, who spent a handful amount of time in Pakistan last year, had converted to Islam, calling it a religion of love and humanity.

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