5-G licenses to be issued in November this year

5G smartphones

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will issue 5-G licenses during the month of November this year.

PTA has given advertisement in newspapers and its procedure has also been placed on website.

According to PTA about 4 million people are using 3-G and 4-G service. Several companies from telecom sector are interested in 5-G licenses. With the introduction of 5-G technology, social media too will undergo different important changes like other sectors.
Among them is that delay in connectivity between two devices due to slow speed has remained a major problem. Experience of delay in communicating the message from one person to other person is a routine matter. The processors have to work much to overcome this delay. This problem will not be faced in 5-G technology. Due to this social media will get a new dimension and its usage will increase manifold in the life. The use of glasses and other non traditional devices will increase in place of smart phones following popularity of 5-G.