Sindh Officer of Grade 18 receives Rs 70 million as salary fraudulently

Sindh Govt

An officer of Sindh has received more than Rs 70 million as salary after having two jobs of Grade 18 at a time, audit report disclosed.
Local of Umar Kot Muhammad Tayyab was recruited in Labour department in 1992.
After one and a half year later, a man named as Tayyab Imrani recruited in health department.
Both these employees were recruited at Grade 18 under which they have received hundreds and millions of rupees as salary.
But according to audit report of 2015, Muhammad Tayyab and Tayyab Imrani is actually one person having dual names who also kept two ID cards.
On one Identity Card, address of Umar Kot was mentioned while upon other; address of Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi was mentioned.
This officer has received salary of 24 years and three months from labour department while more than 23 years from health department due to fraudulency.
The matter has come in the notice of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah and Anti-corruption department has launched investigation of the matter from August 8.