No one can remove me until PM Imran, cabinet have confidence in me’: Buzdar

cm punjab buzdar

Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar said Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to give highest political post to an honest person from backward area of Punjab.
In an interview with a private TV channel, he said giving relief to the poor remains priority of PM Imran. He said our performance speaks about our character. He said PM believes in me and one year performance of my government is in front of all.
CM Punjab while talking about his background said he has a degree in Political Science and studied Law from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. He said “ I served as Tehsil Nazim for two continues terms and never missed any administrative course and it is helping me a lot today.” CM said he also went to U.S. on the invitation of State Department to attend a course “to observe grass root democracy.”
He said I deal with daily issues myself and PM never interrupted us except telling us that focus on poor, justice and do not tolerate corruption. CM said I myself read all files and to this date only two internal files are pending. He said everyone in Punjab performs his duties defined by Law and “I neither interrupt others nor let others interrupt my work.” He said protocol of CM Punjab has been reduced from 28 cars to just one.

CM said he takes all decisions with the guidance of PM. He said no one can remove me if PM and cabinet have confidence in me. He said I have reduced my security protocol by 65 percent.
He said I do not claim that all is well in Punjab but DPOs and RPOs are being appointed on merit. He said Punjab police must bring a positive change in their attitude. He said now there is no political intervention in police, adding that reforms are being introduced in police department.
CM Punjab said 25% addition in crime rate reported on media is not true. He said the truth is there are more registrations for cases as Punjab government has made the process much easier. He said technology based intervention in Police is being introduced and Khidmat Markaz, online monitoring, safe city project are part of our efforts.
CM said police is instructed to work purely on merit and a clear change would be visible in coming days. He said 15% reduction in pay of CM and cabinet members was made. CM said Orange Line project would be completed at the end of this year at every cost.
He said previous governments did not focus on public sector hospitals but we are building 9 new hospitals. He said free medicines are being given in emergencies of public sector hospitals. Talking about South Punjab province, CM said we don’t have two third majority in Punjab and progress on the matter is underway.
He said Punjab government is focusing on Dengue and HIV out breaks and new hospitals are being built under public private partnership. Talking about progress of Punjab government on education, he said afternoon Insaf Schools, E-transfers in educational department are among our revolutionary steps.
He said HEC head was recruited recently and vacancies of 14 VCs were filled. He said six new universities are being built in Punjab and our major focus is on technical education.