NAB put corruption investigation against Balochistan politicians into cold storage


The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has so far failed to complete billion of rupees corruption investigations against the corrupt politicians of Balochistan despite passing of five year time period.

The inner sources revealed that it seems that top NAB officials have put the criminal investigation against Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch, Mir Hasil Khan Bizanjo, Aslam Raisani into cold shortage, that put a question mark on the performance of Chairman NAB.

Sources stated that NAB had earlier initiated investigation against above mentioned personalities as these personalities had paid great damage to the national exchequer. According to the available documents that got through sources NAB had initiated corruption investigation against former chief minister Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik but despite passing of five year time period no progress was made in such investigation.
Likewise, NAB had also stated corruption investigation against senator Hasil Khan Bizanjo but these invitation hasn’t completed yet.

Corruption investigation was also initiated against ex-Chief Minister Balochistan Sardar Aslam Raisani that was also not concluded yet. Moreover, corruption investigation against Ex-Finance Minister Balochistan Asim Jard that was started but not completed.

It seems that Chairman NAB was also belonging to Balochistan that why he has soft corner for the politicians belong to Balochistan. However, on the other hand politicians belong to Punjab and Sindh provinces were extensively arrested.