NAB decides to serve notice to Mustafa Kamal

mustafa kamal

National Accountability Bureau has decided to serve  legal notice to former Mayor Karachi Mustafa Kamal on using filthy, baseless and derogatory language against NAB and its officers in his recent media talk.In the notice NAB will ask Mustafa Kamal to tender apology on using filthy language against NAB and its officers, otherwise NAB would file a lawsuit in the relevant court of law for legal action. NAB has decided to inquire the spending of over Rs 30,000 crore by Mustafa Kamal on development of Karachi during his tenure as mayor. Despite spending huge amount in Karachi during his tenure, the long pending issues of Karachi remained unresolved. NAB would inquire whether the amount had been spent on projects or not
and whether the projects were completed or not.

NAB is a national Organization whose officers are working to eradicate corruption from the country. NAB has filed a reference in respected Accountability Court Karachi against former Mayor Karachi. The
case is under trial in the Accountability Court Karachi.
The filthy and derogatory language used by former mayor Karachi is an attempt to
tarnish the image and repute of NAB. NAB strongly condemn the statement of former mayor Karachi about NAB and its officers.
NAB hereby advised former Mayor Karachi to avoid using filthy and derogatory language against NAB
and utilise all his energies in defending a reference filed against him in the respected Accountability Court Karachi as NAB has filed reference against former mayor on the basis of evidence as per law.