Maryam Nawaz asks PTI govt to accept demands of protesting employees

Salary Demend

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz while terming protecting employees based on just has demanded of the government to accept all demands of the protecting government employees.
The PML-N vice president said the ‘fake PTI’ government is using oppressive tactics to press the right demands of the government employees.
She said the employees protest against the ruling oppressive regime is an announcement against the PTI government, adding that the employees protest would lead to end an oppressive government, ruling the country with theft votes.
Maryam Nawaz said the ruling government has put the general public on the tight rope of inflation and unemployment. She said the government, instead of the passage of three years of its tenure, didn’t increase salaries of the government employees.
The PML-N leader demanded of the government to immediately announced increase in the salaries of the government employees.
She made it clear that the PML-N will voice its concern against the ruling party’s valance on the protesting employees at every forum including the Parliament.
She asked the government to release all the arrested employees and accept their all genuine demands. The PML-N leader said the fake rulers should pressed the common public at the extent that they can tolerate themselves by tomorrow. She said that the government which was claiming a western styel democratic government in Pakistan could not tolerate even 126 days sit in of the government employees.