ECP release assets details of political parties


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has released assets details of political parties, sources said on Monday.
Out of a total 125 registered political parties, 82 political parties submitted their assets details with the ECP.
According to details, PTI has appeared as the richest political party while Awami Muslim League (AML) as poorest. In assets wise, PTI owns over Rs220 million, PPP Rs160 million and PML-N Rs80 million.
An estimated 90 million decrease is witnessed in PTI assets in one year. The PTI spent more than 500 million in one year. The ECO record reveals that PPP members’ Parliament has Rs160 million worth assets and the party spent over Rs20 million during the last year whereas the party income remained Rs5.7 million. The PML-N earned over Rs10 million and spent Rs200 million.
MQM has an estimated assets worth Rs40 million and it collected all these assets through donations. Jamaat Islami has Rs9 million in its accounts and PML-Q has around Rs50 million. Likewise, Balochistan Awami Party

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