Women should come out from homes for Kashmir cause: Siraj


Ameer Jammat-e-Islami , Senator Siraj-ul-Haq has said that besides the men ,the women also should extend their full support to Kashmir cause .
While addressing JI Women Shoora on Saturday, the JI Chief paid rich tribute to the sacrifices rendered by Kashmiri women during seven decades long struggle against Indian occupation.
“No movement can succeed without women participation. women could play a vital role in creating awareness about Kashmir cause. They should knock every door and inform the elders, housewives, children about the importance of Kashmir for Pakistan”, he added.
He said that Kashmiri mothers, daughters and sisters have long been struggling against Indian repression. Their share in freedom movement is never less than the Kashmiri men, he said.
The JI chief informed the participants about the sacrifices laid by women in Pakistan Movement and said Kashmiri women were also following the footsteps of those great ladies and time had approached that they bore the fruit of their efforts.
Upraising them about the plots hatched by western NGOs to damage the Islamic identity of Pakistan, Siraj asked the women to get ready to cope with the challenge.
“Expose the westernized agenda and so-called liberals at every front with the wisdom and logic.”
He expressed concern over reports about the food and medicines shortage in IOK. He called for the urgent support of the besieged people. Siraj said Kashmir situation was getting worst with everyday passing but the world was acting as a silent spectator.
JI Women Chapter Secretary General Durdana Siddiqui also addressed the event.