Whenever curfew is lifted India will hear this voice from Kashmiris “ India leave Kashmir”: Maleeha Lodhi

Maleeha Lodhi

Maleeha Lodhi

Pakistan permanent envoy to UN Dr Maleeha Lodhi has said the situation in Occupied Kashmir is giving rise to grave humanitarian crisis. She said this in an interview with an Arab news agency.

She stressed that UN should ensure implementation of its resolutions regarding Kashmir before it is too late. She held international community will have to do some thing for Kashmir. World media has also acknowledged that hospitals in Kashmir have turned into graveyards.

Maleeha Lodhi said curfew and restrictions slapped on Kashmiris have entered into 4th week in Kashmir.

Whenever curfew is lifted from Indian Held Kashmir, India will hear this voice that “ it should quit Kashmir” she said adding Kashmiris cannot forced to withdraw from their right to self-determination.

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