There will be dama dam mast qalandar against inflation, IMF agreements after Eid: Siraj ul Haq

siraj ul haq 600x351

siraj ul haq 600x351

JI Amir Siraj ul Haq has threatened government of staging protest rallies against inflation, unemployment and IMF agreements after Eid ul Fitr.

“ there will be “dama dam mast qalandar” against price hike, unemployment and IMF agreements after Eid. We will not sit mute over growing IMF role in escalating inflation”, he said this in a statement issued here Monday.

He said JI rejects government agreement with IMF. Neither government has brought the agreement in parliament nor has it made consultations with any one. Government has handed over keys of national kitty to IMF, he added.

JI will not leave the people alone in this hard times, he announced. Government has forced the people to shed tears of blood.

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