The Quaid-e-Azam truck stand faces troubles

Quaid e Azam Truck Stand.

Truck Trawler Owners Association demanded to reconstruct Maripur road from Habib Bank site area till Quaid-e-Azam Truck Stand.
A meeting was held at the office of Sindh Goods Truck Trawler Owners Association at Quaid-e-Azam Truck Stand under the chairmanship of Senior Vice President Abdul Rahim Shah. Chairman Amin Baloch, Executive Member Irfan Memon, Noman Patni and other members attended. The current issues of truck stand and transporters were discussed the issues in the meeting that the Maripur Road’s condition worst due to recent rains which is why heavy vehicle accidents are taking place they demanded
to rebuilt Maripur road from Habib Bank site area.
During meeting it was demanded in consultation with the customs authorities, a copy of the customs rules should be given to the transporters so that there is no hassle in booking the goods. Truck Trawler Owners Association asked to eliminate illegal encroachments from truck stands which cause traffic jams every day by occupying the truck stand, the mafia has become active and there is no one to stop it. The Sindh Goods Truck Trawler Owners Association also sent letters to all concerned but it was not implemented.
They demanded that the municipality should arrange for scavengers to clean the truck stand.

Association asked that Toll plaza tax is being increased day by day which is a gross excess and is beyond the tolerance of transporters.

“We pay the highest taxes to the government, so special incentives should be given by the government”.

Association demanded repairing platform, loading platform, KMC office, sewerage pumping station with motor, drinking water pumping station with motor, post office, watchman’s room, community hall etc. as per the map of truck stand which are not present and occupied. They have fallen victim to the mafia.

In conclusion Sindh Truck Trawler Owners Association asked to remove
illegal leases at the truck stand.