Shrines of saints have also been closed in Sindh


After Punjab, the shrines of saints in Sindh have also been closed. In this regard, Chief Administrator Awqaf Sharif Sheikh has also issued a formal notification. Following the order to close the shrines, the great Sufi saint of Sindh Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Celebrations of Urs Mubarak will be banned for the second year in a row. The Urs of Syed Ghaib Shah Bukhari Kemariwale will not be celebrated in Karachi this year as it was last year. As soon as the order to close the shrines of saints is issued in Karachi, Officers, along with security agencies, arrived at the shrine at 4.45 pm to discuss the issue. The pilgrims and government employees had a heated argument. The visitors rejected the decision to close the shrine in Karuna Ki R. What could be more exaggerated than that the playground adjacent to the mausoleum of Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi where the crowd of spectators lives is allowed to remain open and the mausoleum of Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi where the SOP was being taken full care of where It was necessary to use a mask for the entry of the pilgrims Netizens Gate was installed. Visitors followed the formula of social distance. It was closed. Where there is a fear of spreading corona, there was freedom and where there were measures to prevent corona, visitors were banned from Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine. He said that the government should know that the shrines of saints are not Daruluba but Darul Shifa. People’s intentions are fulfilled here. People get peace of mind. Even the shrines of saints fill the stomachs of millions of people every day. The closure of shrines is tantamount to abuse and oppression of the oppressed and helpless class. Therefore, the government should reconsider the decision to close the shrines for the third time in a year.