SC indicates to refer Sindh deforestation case to NAB

SC Pakistan

Supreme Court (SC) while expressing dissatisfaction over provincial government report in deforestation and trees chopping case Sindh has indicated to send the case to NAB.

SC bench presided over by Acting Chief Justice of SC Sheikh Azmat Saeed took up the case for hearing Tuesday.

The court expressed dissatisfaction over Sindh government report during the hearing of the case.

Acting chief justice remarked “ we have already issued orders for retrieving forest land.

Acting chief justice remarked that advocate general should talk to chief minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah and ensure that all the decisions are taken in time.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan inquired why the Sindh government is not taking decision.

The acting chief justice remarked planting trees and growing forests is not among the priorities of Sindh government. What problem Sindh government is facing in planting trees.

The chief conservative forest expressed worry over delay in government decisions saying delay in provincial government decisions is rendering the staffers of forest department insecure.

The court while giving indication to refer the case to NAB summoned progress report within three weeks.