Sadiq Sanjrani selected as chairman Senate is a victory of democracy: Tayyab Jan

Sadiq Sanjrani

PTI Labor Wing Peshawar Region President Tayyab Jan has said that the election of Sadiq Sanjrani as Chairman Senate is a victory of democracy.
Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani is part of the ruling coalition and truly on the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Prime Minister Imran Khan did his best to make the election process transparent in which the people’s representatives elected the real public representatives.
He said that the opposition representatives lost their 7 votes to the PDM candidate Yousuf Raza Gilani. Expressing distrust, Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjarani proved with 48 votes that even the opposition senators trust him.
He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had proposed a bill to hold Senate elections in the country through open ballot before the Senate elections. But the opposition, as always, wants access to the houses by secret means.
Now they must have known that Prime Minister Imran Khan believes in transparency. The failure of the opposition proved to be the last nail in the coffin of the PDM, he said.
The PPP is already divided into two factions and only Sindh The success of the Chairman Senate is a telling proof of the success of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Now decisions will be taken in the public interest in the houses.