SAARC Chamber vision 2030 to usher an era of prosperity and progress in the region: Ruwan



Ruwan Edirisinghe, President SAARC Chamber Saturday said SAARC Chamber vision 2030 will usher an era of prosperity ,progress and development through economic integration in the region by fully exploitation indigenous natural resources on modern scientific lines in the member countries.

He expressed these views while talking to Senior Vice President SAARC
chamber Iftikhar Ali Malik by telephone from Colombo here Saturday . South
Asia has tremendous trade potential, which needs to be tapped with a shared
vision of 2030 envisaged to address core trade issues which are hindering
the overall growth of the region.

Ruwan Edirisinghe said Asian economies including China, Japan and India are
expanding and gearing up to capture world markets which clearly indicates
the importance of Asia in the global economy. He was of the opinion that
South Asia will play an important role in the future particularly by
materializing the vision of 2030. “In short term, what we want to do is
business between our countries; trade and industrial development, and
transportation problems and all that to sort out up to the maximum extent
that we can do. And as long-term target we want to use the opportunities of
South Asian countries; their economies, to bring up SAARC CCI as the best,
vibrant chamber in the world by 2030,” he added.

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