Prices of medicines should not spiral out of reach of common man: PM

imran khan 620x330

imran khan 620x330

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has directed Dr Zafar Mirza special advisor to PM on health to keep the prices of medicines within the reach of common man across the country besides ensuring all the health facilities are provided to people easily.

Meeting of National Health Task Force was held in PM office under PM Imran Khan on Saturday. Dr Zafar Mirza. Health secretary and senior officials attended the meeting.

Dr Zafar Mirza briefed PM on matters related to national heath and health card.

Meeting also deliberated over hike in the prices of medicines all over the country and health facilities.

PM directed Dr Zafar Mirza to keep check and balance over the prices of medicines so that the prices of the medicines could not spiral out of reach of common man.

Young doctors strike also came under discussion and it was agreed to provide facilities to them.

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