PM Imran Khan takes notice of Pattoki triple murder incident

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The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has taken notice of a target killing incident that occurred a while back in Punjab’s Pattoki
A man, his wife, and their child were gunned down in Habibabad in Punjab’s Pattoki Friday morning, July 26. They were traveling from Lahore to Shergarh when they were attacked on Shergarh Road within the jurisdiction of the Saddar Pattoki police station.
The Prime Minister has sought a detailed report of the incident from the I.G Punjab over the occurrence. PM Imran Khan also directed the Law Enforcement officials to ensure swift and quick justice to the bereaved family.
One of the slain, Sanam Zehra had made an appeal to the Prime Minister to take the issue under his observation and ensure that justice is meted out.
The Prime Minister’s Office has made contact with the Sanam’s mother and ensured accountability in the case. A one-year-old child survived the attack.