PFCC announces new central & provincial cabinets including Gilgit Baltistan


lumnists in the country, has announced its central cabinet along with provincial and Gilgit-Biltistan cabinets after consultation with the Supreme Council.
According to details, the Central President of Pakistan Federal Council of Columnists, Ehtesham Jamil Shami, four vice presidents, Arshad Quershi. Airf Khattak, Musarrat Allah Jan and Zeeshan Ansari, Secretary General, Muzammil Ferozi, Information Secretary Nazia Ali, Finance Secretary, Shakeela Sheikh, Joint Secretary, Zahid Hussain, and Deputy Secretary, Achar Khaskheli, have been elected in the central cabinet.
Former general secretary, Mansoor Mani said all descisions of the Pakistan Federal Council Of Columnists have been taken with the approval of the members of the Supreme Council. While, the members of the Supreme Council, including Prof Dr Raees Samdani, Yaqoob Ghaznavi and others, expressed their hope that the newly-elected office bearers of central and provincial cabinets would perform their duties accordingly , eyeing to the welfare columnists as well as the council. They said they would always raise their voice for betterment of the people and the country.

Newly-elected President, Ehtesham Jamil Shami and Secretary Muzammil Ferozi said the incumbent cabinet is committed to working for the promotion of columnists and their rights across Pakistan. Ferozi added the PFCC would also arrange training sessions and workshops to enhance writing skills of the writers, especially the new ones.

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