PEW expresses satisfaction over action against profiteers

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sasta bazar 750x430

The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) Chairman Brig. Muhammad Aslam Khan (Retd) on Saturday expressed satisfaction over action against profiteers and asked the government to do more to discourage hoarders and provide relief to the masses.

A vigilant eye should be kept on the middleman mafia in fruit and vegetable markets so that elements creating artificial price hike could be punished, he said.

Surprise raids should be conducted across the country for eliminating artificial price hike and hoarding and ensuring provision of good quality of edibles to masses on affordable rates, he added.

Brig. Muhammad Aslam Khan said that strict checking of weights and measures should be carried out by officials in routine to discourage unscrupulous traders while those selling adulterated items should be sent to jail.

He said that the majority of vendors are selling items above the fixed prices while the tendency of overpricing calls for a continue price-checking campaign.

The PEW president noted that non-Muslims in many countries are selling basic commodities at low prices to facilitate Muslims during Ramazan, but in Pakistan, the situation is the opposite and profiteers continue to dominate the markets.

Every Ramazan a rate list is issued by the district administration to ensure the sale of fruits, vegetables, grocery and other essential items at a controlled price set by the government but traders set their own prices to milk the public.

Authorities have always failed to control the prices of basic commodities at the advent of Ramazan while the situation can change a bit if profiteers are not fined but sent to jail.

He said that banks are playing an important role in strenghtning the arhati mafia which is exploiting growers and consumers.

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