No bail can be granted to gas pilferers: SC

SC Pakistan

Supreme Court of Pakistan has dismissed the bail plea of Alamgir Khan, resident of Lakki Marwat and remarked that no bail can be granted to gas pilferers.

A three-member bench of SC presided over by acting CJP Justice Azmat Saeed took up the case for hearing on Wednesday.
During the course of hearing justice Ijaz ul Ahsan remarked, “Suspect generated electricity from stolen gas and sold it out. He aimed gun at the employees of respective department whenever they came to ask about this pilferage. A generator has also been recovered from his home.
Counsel of suspect said that load shedding of about 18 hours is observed in Lakki Marwat therefore keeping generator has become compulsion for every one.

Justice Qazi Amin observed that suspect sold out electricity to whole Mohallah.
Acting CJP observed that if allegation proves against suspect then he will be handed down14 years imprisonment. To my view 14 years imprisonment is less for gas stealers.
Counsel of suspect said that raid was conducted on the house of his client and generator was also recovered from his house therefore no case can be made in respect of generator for domestic use.
Case was registered against Alamgir Khan of Lakki Marwat this year in March.