NAB should not put us behind the lights of truck: SC

supreme court

Sureme Court (SC) has remarked NAB should not put us behind the lights of truck.

A 3-member bench of SC presided over by Justice Umar Ata Bandial took up fake bank accounts case for hearing Wednesday.

The court accepted bail plea of Dr Dinsha accused in fake bank accounts case.

Justice Muzahir Ali Akbar Naqvi remarked “ NAB should not put us behind the lights of truck. NAB arrested junior officers in this case but it did not apprehend the real beneficieries in the case. NAB is not authorised to perform its duty as per its sweet will. If NAB has to follow its sweet will then it should amend section 9. Then it can do whatever it wills.

He further remaked country has to be saved or otherwise. The goat thief is sent to jail for five years in the country and those who have committed such enormous corruption are roaming freely. What NAB is doing with this country. NAB does so and SC has to suffer. The allegation for releasing the accused comes to SC. First reference, second reference what this joke is.

He futher observed we know that NAB cases are not ordinary criminal cases. NAB does not apprehend against whom the allegations are levelled . NAB arrests government officers first of all.

Justice Umar Ata Bandial remarked “we have read NAB performance report. NAB have collected billion of rupees. Pressure not only comes from government on NAB but also it is pressurized from all sides. The law should be applied equally to every one. The accountability should also be carried out as per law. If accountability is not conducted as per law then action will be taken against the institution. We are not satisfied with NAB.

He observed tell us who stops NAB from doing its job so that we may catch him. We want to see NAB stronger. NAB should demonstrate boldness and moral courage. NAB is being discussed on every forum including Senate. In this case NAB pressurized government officers.It did not ask the real beneficieries.

The prosecutor general NAB took the plea he does not oppose the bail plea of Dr Dinsha. Time has been given to Zain till February 15 for plea bargaining. If Zain Malik fails to give NOC till February 15 then action will be taken against him. We will oppose the bail pleas of government officers. NAB does not follow its sweet will. It arrests the accused and then presents him before the accountability court within 24 hours. If NOC comes then whoever has issued it will be included in the case. There is no pressure on us.

The court while accepting bail plea of Dr Dinsha remarked Dr Dinsha can not go abroad and he will cooperate with NAB in investigation.

The hearing of the case was adjourned for indefinite period.