Mehr-Ghar : A dream place for Lyari youngsters



A dream house has been opened within Lyari, where youngsters may sit and discuss the future ideas to build up their community and country, aiming to revive the sitting culture of the past, which is attributed to having paved the way for many social revolutions and removing the community gape.

CEO Muhammad Faheem who is Counter Violence Extremism (CVE) Activist and filmmaker said that the idea behind the Mehr-Ghar was to provide space to youngsters to groom their talent and highlight their efforts towards community. Mehr-Ghar, is the first of its Kind Community Space in Lyari, which will be hosting an event hall for learning purposes, a co-working area, a media room, a library space & study corner for students and a Café Space for local communities to come and interact in. These spaces will be used in building the capacity of women, youth, local entrepreneurs, social activists and the community at large, providing solutions for peace, uplifting community, enhance learning, and building a bridge between marginalized and mainstream communities to attain social cohesion, gender mainstreaming and building networks for sustainable community growth. In addition, all of these spaces are accessible and easily book-able for the communities as long as they promote freedom of thought in countering violence extremism.

“The whole idea is to revive the community resilience, integrity, tolerance, social justice and interfaith-harmony. “We are working very closely with local communities, youth groups and stakeholders to highlight voices of the relegated,” he added

Program Director Mehrdar Art & Production Zohair Allibhoy told about the journey of Mehr Ghar, processes that how they will be following for community bookings and the norms to be followed within this space of hope, love and friendship adding that within the past year, we realized the importance and need of safe, productive and happening community spaces – for youth & local communities to enhance capacity, build partnerships & go beyond traditional ideologies. Hence we have established our very own Community Space within Lyari, known as Mehr-Ghar.

Zohair Allibhoy explained that Mehrdar Art & Production is a community-based social entrepreneurial venture working in the marginalized communities of Karachi, Northern Sindh and Balochistan for the past decade. We partner with commercial and social organizations, local communities, youth groups and stakeholders to highlight voices of the marginalized, break stereotypical boundaries, and incubate new ideas to achieve a violence-free society. We do this through documentary & filmmaking, events & festivals, publication of books & newsletters, and hosting training workshops on the same empowering communities to undertake social and civic action.

Lecturer of SMIU Khushboo Rafiq presented her thoughts on the need for safe spaces within the community for women, is such a remarkable achievement. Founder of Karachi Books Club Nofal Khan said that now Lyari is going to be recognized as book lovers because of Mehr-Ghar.

Founder of “Parindey” , Trainer of Mental Health, Sonal Dhanani expressed her views that it is a good sign and Mehr-Ghar is going to bring positive face of Lyari.

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