Mahathir won hearts of Kashmiri people: AJK president

AJK President Sardar Masood Khan 2

The Azad Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan has said that the Malaysian leadership by refusing to yield to India’s pressure, had won hearts of the Kashmiri people.
He expressed these views during a meeting with the chief patron of the Malaysian Youth Movement and the Malaysian Minister of State for Industry, trade and investment Mohammad Rafiq Faiza Mohiyuddin here.
The Azad Kashmir president asserted that the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad
was one of the world leaders who had adopted a solid and principled stand on the Kashmir issue,
and the people of Jammu and Kashmir appreciated him.
While referring to Malaysian prime minister’s address to the UN General Assembly, Masood
Khan said that Mahathir Mohammad had not only strongly condemned the Indian actions in
occupied Kashmir but also described it naked aggression.
The president said that Malaysian Kashmir Youth Movement through advocacy was trying
to involve the Malaysian youth in projecting the Kashmir issue, and is preparing the youth to play
their role in the humanitarian crisis in occupied Kashmir.
While apprising the Malaysian leaders of the latest situation of occupied Kashmir, Sardar
Masood Khan said that India had been extending inhuman treatment to the people of occupied
Kashmir. It had not only locked down the territory since August 5 last year, but thousands of
youth have been arrested and thrown into torture cells.
He said that the camps where the Kashmiri youth have been detained are dubbed by the Indian
government as de-radicalization camps. Besides, the Indian government was offering financial
support to the youth to deter them from the liberation movement. However, the Indian
government would never succeed in its attempts, he added.