LHC seeks details of Abdul Hafeez Sheikh’s assets in Pakistan

hafeez shiekh

Chief Justice Lahore High Court (LHC) Muhammad Qasim Khan on Thursday sought details Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh’s assets in Pakistan.
During hearing of a case regarding appointment of Special Assistants to Prime Minister, the Chief Justice remarked that in democratic countries, people resign after defeat in elections. Couldn’t government find anyone instead of Hafeez Shaikh in country of 220 million people, he added.
He asked that is it democratic that the Finance Minister after defeat in election did not resign. Should Hafeez Shaikh still hold a public office after losing the election, he asked.
Chief Justice further asked that how much income tax was paid by Hafeez Shaikh and whether he even has any assets in Pakistan. It seems that Finance Minister will pack his bags and leave after his done with the job, Justice Qasim remarked.