Kashmir’s Right to Self-Determination Day


Report by Zulfiqar Januri BakhabarAwam On the occasion of Kashmir’s Right to Self-Determination Day, a demonstration was held by the Stabilization Pakistan Organization in favor of the Kashmiris at the Hyderabad Press Club under the leadership of Organization Chairman Muhammad Ahsan Naghar, Canonier Executive Committee Rafat Zaidi, Secretary Muhammad Naeem Akhtar Rizvi, Deputy Canon Nawabuddin Qureshi. Speaking at the demonstration, Muhammad Ahsan Nagar said that January 5 is not only a date but also considered the most important for the freedom struggle of Kashmiris through the resolution passed in the United Nations Security Council meeting on January 5, 1948.

The international community recognized the right of the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir to decide their political future independently, but due to India’s intransigence, it could not be implemented until today. Hundreds of Kashmiris, including women and children, are martyred to crush the peaceful protestors demanding self-determination. Many young people are declared terrorists and they are martyred. The voice shouting for freedom is silenced forever. Seven decades have passed, but instead of stopping, the oppression of Kashmiris has intensified. They want to join together and in every difficulty, Pakistan will live and Kashmir will be created. They raise slogans of Pakistan, for which they know the price they have to pay. In the demonstration, Ijaz Ali Rajput, Mohammad Nauman Memon, Waqar Khan, Saadullah Khan, Syed Riaz Shah, Javed Khalji, Shahzad Khan Zai, Kashif Chauhan and others were present in the demonstration.

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