Kashmir issue is on EU agenda today despite opposition from India: FM

Fm Quraishi

Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said despite opposition from India, Kashmir issue is on the agenda of European Union (EU).

Addressing All Parties Kashmir Conference organized by PTI in Lahore Tuesday Qureshi said struggle is continuing in Occupied Kashmir since long.

He went on say freedom struggle in Indian held Kashmir has taken a new turn. All are aware of history and they are aware of long freedom struggle as well.

He went on to say August 5 is a day when India took illegal steps. We will have to devise new strategy under new turn of events.

He observed Prime Minister called emergency meeting of parliament on Kashmir situation. We were to send message to world that nation is united on Kashmir issue.

Qureshi remarked we tried to move Kashmir issue ahead in the light of guiding principles. The issue had gone to back burner since long. No talks were being held. India cleverly linked freedom struggle of Kashmir to terrorism.

It has been our endeavor to highlight Kashmir issue again, he said adding Kashmir issue was raised in UN Security Council after 54 years. India put up hurdles whatever he could in the meeting of UN Security council. The meeting could not have taken place had US, UK, France and Russia not shown flexibility.

He underlined UN Security council meeting on Kashmir issue is encouraging. India erected several bottleneck on the way to UN Security council meeting. Kashmir issue has to be resolved as per UN resolutions.

It is not easy to activate OIC forum today, he said adding no harmony is being seen in OIC on Palestine issue. There are severe differences in the ranks of GCC. What type of differences exist in OIC, I don’t want to go into details. Despite this situation Pakistan activated OIC.

He stated OIC has demanded for lifting of curfew from Occupied Kashmir. Offering Jumma prayers is not allowed in Occupied Kashmir. Taking out procession on the eve of Shab-e-Ashura was banned. Imam bargahs were attacked.

He challenged if Modi has courage then he should come and hold a meeting in Srinagar. Modi should lift curfew and release Kashmiri leadership and solicit their opinion in public meeting.