Karachi braces for major power breakdown

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The residents of Karachi could face a major power breakdown as rainwater entered the KDA grid station at Gulzar-e-Hijri Scheme 33 on Tuesday night, forcing the K-Electric to suspend power supply to some feeders, Dunya News reported.

A spokesperson of K-Electric warned that it may be forced to completely shut down power from KDA grid station if the flow of water doesn’t stop to ensure safety of the staff and equipment.

The spokesperson further said that we are working closely with all authorities to control this situation. All possible resources including trenches, water pumps and sand bags around the grid have been deployed to block the water.

Heavy monsoon downpour on the second consecutive day in the city has paralyzed daily life in the city. Many roads and low lying areas are submerged under rain water.

At least 19 people, including five children, were killed in rain-related incidents in various parts of the city.

The rainfall recorded so far in different parts of the city were; Surjani 119mm, Saddar 98mm, Faisal Base 71mm, North karachi 65mm, Jinnah Terminal 60mm, University road 55mm, Ghulshan e Hadid 52mm, Masroor 48mm, Landhi 43mm, Nazimabad 39mm, Kemari 14mm.