India is going to launch FFO in Occupied Kashmir: Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Fm Quraishi 1

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Friday said India was going to start False Flag Operation (FFO) in Occupied Kashmir therefore; all human rights organizations including UN should take notice of Indian aggression.

He held India is going to conduct a new stage show in Occupied Kashmir. India’s media has unleashed propaganda campaign that over 100 terrorists have entered into Occupied Kashmir from Pakistan and Afghanistan and a massive terrorism is feared. But Pakistan has made it clear on world several times before India’s FFO that Kashmiris will breach curfew after 19 days persistent besiege being fed up with Indian rule because they are lacking food items and medicines and their children are on the brink of starvation for want of food.

He remarked India is now leveling fabricated allegation of its failure against Pakistan.
The foreign minister further said, he has spoken to his Japanese counterpart and apprised him of the situation in the valley. “I have informed him of the propaganda by Indian media.”

He appealed to world powers to take notice of Indian FFO otherwise there is fear of blood shed at large scale in Occupied valley.

To a question he said Indian false propaganda in FATF has failed and India had to face humiliation therein. India had made all out efforts to push Pakistan into blacklist.

Terming Indian defence minister statements a bid to sabotage peace in the region he said such statements will yield serious impacts.

To a question he said OIC has given a clear statement Indian step is sheer trampling of human rights. There should be religious liberties and curfew should be lifted forthwith from Occupied Kashmir.
He observed Kashmir has been made nuclear flashpoint and Modi’s fascist thinking has undermined India’s prestige allover the world.