Imran Sahib, mafia is that which hatches conspiracy against elected PM: Mariyam Aurangzeb

maryam aurangzeb

PML-N spokesperson Mariyam Aurangzeb has remarked Imran Khan has said every thing on the basis of which he had termed Nawaz Sharif traitor.

Denouncing Imran Khan points he used in his address to US think tank she said Wednesday “ when Nawaz Sharif talks of peace in the country and region then he is traitor. Every thing what you have said has proved Nawaz Sharif innocent.

“Imran Khan, your announcements asking the people to send their money to Pakistan through hundi were broad cast live and your announcements asking people to torch utility bills and launch civil disobedience were also live telecast. Drag the elected PM from neck and attack parliament and state media like announcements made by you were also live broadcast”, she added.

She held that Imran Khan acknowledged that media goes out of control and his government is controlling them through watch dog.

She observed “ Imran Sahib, you caused harm to media by leveling allegations of partiality against it. Imran sahib, it is lamentable that on one hand you said that independent media benefited you more than others and on the other hand you alleged media of being corrupt and a mafia.

“Imran Sahib , mafia is that which black mails a judge through video and seeks decision against elected Prime Minister ( PM ) to become PM, she underscored. Mafia purchases properties outside the country through donation, takes advantage of amnesty scheme and conceals 18 fake accounts”, she said.

“Imarn Sahib, Mafia is that which hatches conspiracy against elected PM and alleges friendly countries of Pakistan. Mafia is that which gags every opponent voice and which has snatched roti, Kapra, Makan and business from the masses, she remarked.