IHC reserves judgment in Faisal Vawda disqualification case

IHC Court

Islamabad High Court (IHC) has reserved judgment on the petition seeking disqualification of PTI leader and MNA Faisal Vawda.

The petitioner told the court that Faisal Vawda has cast vote as member National Assembly (NA) in Senate polls. Any person remains MNA as long as his resignation is not accepted by speaker. Supreme Court (SC) decision regarding disqualification is very clear.

The disqualification case came up for hearing before IHC bench led by Justice Amir Farooq on Wednesday.

Counsel for Faisal Vawda appeared and told the court his client has resigned as MNA, therefore, petition seeking his disqualification has become ineffective.

Counsel for Faisal Vawda presented his client resignation in the court.

Barrister Jahangir Jadoon said Faisal Vawda has cast his vote as MNA in Senate polls. It is not known he has resigned as MNA before or after casting his vote in Senate polls.

He said several MNAs have resigned as member of national assembly earlier and they return to national assembly later. The respective person remains MNA unless speaker NA accepts his resignation.

He argued Faisal Vawda remains no more Sadiq and Amin after filing false affidavit about his dual nationality. Supreme Court (SC) has said in its decision that such person cannot become member of parliament. It is evident from record that Faisal Vawda was US citizen till the acceptance of his nomination papers. Scrutiny of the papers took place on June 18, Faisal Vawda abandoned his US nationality on June 25.

The petitioner Mian Faisal advocate took the plea Faisal Vawda resigned as MNA for avoiding disqualification.

The representative of Election Commission (EC) told the court the matter of disqualification of Faisal Vawda for filing false affidavit is pending with election commission as well.

The counsel for Faisal Vawda prayed the court to wrap up petition against Faisal Vawda being this petition ineffective.

The court reserved the judgment after hearing the arguments.


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