Housing ministry clarifies on allotment of house to Chairman NAB in ministers enclave

Nab Chairman

It has been wrongfully quoted in a section of press that Secretary, Housing and Works has informed Senate Standing Committee meeting held on 02-09-2019 that the Chairman NAB has been unlawfully allotted a house in Ministers’ Enclave.
The Secretary Housing and Works has taken strong exception to this misreporting and therefore it is imperative to clarify the facts of the matter. The correct position is that the Chairman NAB was lawfully allotted a house at Ministers’ Enclave during the tenure of caretaker Government in 2018 after completion of due process and with the approval of competent authority i.e. Minister for Housing & Works.
It is further clarified that prior to April, 2019 there were no prescribed rules for allotment of Ministers’ Enclave, therefore, Ministry after detailed consultation drafted allotment rules of Ministers’ Enclave and got them approved from Cabinet Division after completing all formalities. These rules were notified on 8th April 2019. Under the new allotment rules, eligibility criteria was defined which is;
A “person eligible” means federal minister, minister of state, a minister without portfolio and includes Attorney General of Pakistan, Adviser, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister appointed with status of federal minister, minister of state and notified as such by the Cabinet Division.
The new rules of Ministers’ Enclave became operational with effect from the date of notification and these cannot be applied retrospectively, hence these were not applicable to the allotment done prior to the notification and cannot be declared unlawful. The allotment to the Chairman NAB was made in light of the allotment policy in vogue at that time, therefore the allotment cannot be declared unlawful.