Fired a little tear gas at Gov’t employees to test it: Shiekh Rasheed

Shiekh Rasheed

Days after police in Islamabad fired tear gas on protesting government employees, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Sunday made light of the incident, saying it was “necessary to test the tear gas as it had been unused for a long time.”
Addressing a ceremony in Rawalpindi, he said that the capital’s police “fired a little tear gas”, adding that it was necessary to test it since the tear gas canisters had been unused for a long time.
“Only a little was tested, not a lot,” he claimed.
Last week, Islamabad police had fired over a 1,000 tear gas shells at the protesters to disperse them. The protesters, who were government employees, were demanding an increase in their salaries in accordance with the prevailing inflation.
Later the issue was resolved through negotiations and protestors’ demands were accepted.