Female teacher suspended for selling govt books, ordered inquiry

female teacher selling govt book

The district education officer suspended a teacher for allegedly selling government books and constituted a three member committee to conduct an inquiry in this connection.
Talking to Deputy Commissioner Habibullah Arif, he said that a few days ago the selling of government book video went viral on social media.
He added that he directed the district education officer to suspend the teacher who was allegedly involved in selling government books.
EDO female Mohammad Idrees Khan suspended Naheed Begum primary school head teacher (PSHT) Baricham.
He added that she was allowed to draw subsistence allowance as admissible to her under the rules. He added that EDO female also constitutes a three member committee comprising by Javid Iqbal principal GHSS Khadi Killy chairman, Malak Taj SDEO (F) member and Tahir Shah ASDEO Circle Mardan Khas member.
He added that the committee will furnish facts finding report regarding selling of books on 13th July in a video viral on social media within a week positively.