Dairy farmers increase milk price by Rs16 a litre

Diary Faram

The Karachi Dairy Farmers Association on Wednesday unilaterally increased the milk price by Rs16 a litre; and now the commodity would be available at Rs110 per litre at retail outlets.
The situation has triggered a wave of anger among the consumers who are already burdened by growing inflation.
The government had set the price of milk at Rs94 a litre.
Sources familiar with the matter told the media that the price of milk was notified at Rs94 per litre by the city administration, while a large number of milk sellers have refused to sell milk at this price.
When asked about the reason behind the price hike, the association fiercely responded to the commissioner by asking: “Who is the commissioner [in controlling the milk price]? The product is ours, and so we are to decide about its price.”
Meanwhile, the city administration remained silent on the issue.