Aurat March held across Pakistan to observe Women’s day

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Women, men and allies in all major Pakistani cities are taking part in Aurat March events being held to mark International Women’s Day and call for the protection of women’s rights.
The first Aurat March was held in 2018 in Karachi. The next year, it was extended to more cities, including Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Larkana, and Hyderabad. This year too, the marches are being held in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other cities.
In Karachi, the march is taking place at Frere Hall. In view of the prevailing coronavirus situation, organisers have emphasized standard operating procedures (SOPs), including wearing masks and maintaining a distance of six feet.
Each chapter of the Aurat March has its own manifesto with the Karachi chapter focusing on patriarchal violence; Lahore on addressing healthcare workers and women’s health; and the Islamabad march is dedicated to the crisis of care.
Concerns about other health issues are also raised in the document, including, educational programs and training aiming to stop stigmatization and shame associated with gendered bodies, breast cancer, reproductive health, the gender pain gap, more gender sensitized medico-legal practitioners, charging for forensic services (including from rape victims), HIV, access to free medicines, rights of PWDs, implementation of the Transgender Act 2018, access to clean water and toilets, especially to avoid contraction of Covid-19, healthcare for female prisoners, and drug addicts and users, an end to underage marriage, and several other issues associated with the health sector.

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