Ali Zaidi demands emergency in Karachi city to fix metropolis

Ali Zaidi

Federal Minister for maritime affairs Ali Zaidi has demanded emergency in Karachi city to fix this metropolis.
Ali Zaidi while sharing different pictures and videos of broken and drown in water roads wrote, “A state of emergency must be declared in Karachi to fix this metropolis”.
He further said, “Unless we fix this city, reviving Pakistan economically is nothing but a pipe dream”.
Every place including media parliament seminar has the right that if they want to revive Pakistan economically then they should revive Karachi first.
Karachi is an industrial city. Dirty and contaminated water of gutters is present in every street and every road, he said.
Karachi has reached THIS situation due to some people since the last 30 years.
Sukkur, Larkana is also in the same situation like Karachi, if these people ever come to see the streets and Muhallah’s then they would know that people are living in what type of circumstances.