AJK President, others pay rich tributes to Inqalabi at a condolence reference

AJK President Sardar Masood Khan

The Leaders across the entire political and social spectrum, including AJK President Sardar Masood Khan at a condolence reference termed former legislator and PPP leader, late Muhammad Matloob Inqalabi as a widely recognized and gifted leader of his time.
The reference was jointly organized by former Federal Minister, Sardar Mohammad Yousuf Khan and Hafiz Sajjad Qamar to pay homage to the late Matloob Inqalabi for his political and social services.
Former Chairman National Disaster Management Authority Lt Gen (ret) Mohammad Afzal, former Chief Justice Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Mohammad Ibrahim Zia, state minister Chaudhry Mohammad Shehzad, Muslim Conference leader Saghir Chughtai, former Member of National Assembly Zamurrad Khan, PTI leader Eng Iftikhar Chaudhry, APHC leader Ghulam Mohammad Safi, Major (ret) Hafeez Chaudhry, Maulana Mehmood Tabassum, Qari Ali Akbar Naeemi, Sahibzada Zulfikar Ali and other speakers also addressed the reference.
“By following the healthy traditions of moderation, tolerance, politeness and sobriety set by former state Minister Mohammad Matloob Inqalabi, the current political leadership and the political activists can establish a society free of hatred, prejudices and opportunism,” President Masood said while speaking as the chief guest of the event.
“Being a political worker and the elected representative, late Inqalabi always made himself available to his constituents without any political discrimination.
He was a great benefactor of especially those who are vulnerable and weak in society,” the president said. The bright example set by him for selflessly serving people would be remembered for long,” he added.
The state president said that late Inqalabi had a firm commitment to the Kashmir liberation movement and he had raised his voice in every national and international forum in support of the oppressed people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
He (Matloob Inqalabi) was not merely an Inqalabi (revolutionary) by name, but he was also a political and social revolutionary, and his love for the vulnerable communities was equally recognized by his political antagonists and friends.
Paying his glowing tributes to the late leader, Prof. Sajjad Qamar said that the Matloob Inqlabi was from the middle class and was born in an ordinary family.
But with hard work, dedication and commitment to his ideals, he became the messiah of thousands of people. He not only encouraged the oppressed classes to live but also instilled in them a desire to live.
Speaking on the occasion, former Minister Sardar Mohammad Yousuf Khan, former AJK Chief Justice, Chaudhry Muhammad Ibrahim Zia and other speakers said that the late leader through his conduct and political work had proved that politics was actually the name of service.
They said Inqalabi was a politician who had restructured the political course of history not only of his area but the entire territory of AJK as well, and his political achievements made him a torchbearer for others.

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