Health minister Yasmin Rashid suspends DHQ Okara

Yasmin Rashid

Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid suspended Medical Superintendent District Headquarters Hospital Okara South Dr. Yasir Irfan and gave one week deadline for improvement to MS DHQ Hospital Okara City on Saturday.
On directions from the Health Minister, Director General Health Services Punjab Dr. Haroon Jehangir made a surprise visit of DHQ South and DHQ City.
The Health Minister said, “MS DHQ Hospital Okara South has been suspended and MS DHQ Hospital Okara City has been given one week warning to improve the situation at the facility. Show cause notices have been issued to 17 staff members including two Medical Officers due to absence from duty.
The staff working on Blood Transfusion has been directed to renew license and improve services. The emergency services and triage facility needs immediate improvement at both hospitals of Okara.
The hospital staff, patients and their attendants has been directed to ensure implementation of Corona SOPS. In both the hospitals, the provision of medicines must be ensured.
If any MS and staff members are found to be negligent, strict action shall be taken against them. The surprise visits of officials shall continue across Punjab. The surprise visits are extremely important to bring about improvement in hospitals.
All MS must take very possible measures to serve patients. Our doctors and MS serving patients with dedication must continue to do so. God has given them an opportunity to serve people and earn prayers.”

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