Facebook blocks 31 pages spreading fake propaganda against polio vaccine

facebook polio

Some mentally sick people were running a regular campaign against polio vaccine.
These people have levelled an allegation that one-year-old girl died due to administration polio drops, however, in doctors report, little girl died after peanut seed was stuck up in her throat.

This year in May, government has made a request to Facebook administration for launching an action against people running campaign against polio vaccine.
On the other hand, Prime Minister focal person for polio Babar Bin Ata said that they will fight against all such elements that are trying to sabotage polio campaign.
According to Anti-polio programme report, from January 2019 to July 2019, 53 polio cases, including 41 polio cases in K-P have come on surface.
The most number of cases have been reported in Bannu, K-P where polio virus was confirmed in 21 children. In Punjab five polio cases, in Sindh 3 while in Balochistan 4 polio cases have come on surface.According to report, only in June 25 polio cases have come on surface.