Kinnow exports in slow pace to achieve its target in ongoing season



Vice President Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF), Ahmad Jawad on Wednesday says Afghanistan recently imposed import duty on Pakistani kinnows upsetting the 100,000-tons market to exporters.
Despite two countries remain in talks.

Currently Afghanistan impose custom duty at 30 percent on kinnow at the import side which swerved hammer to achieve kinnow export target Though Pakistan and Afghanistan are to hold the next round of parleys on new draft of Afghanistan Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA) at the end of the current month or early next month as the term of pact will expire on
February 11, 2021.

“Jawad revealed that differences exist between the two sides particularly on three to four issues, due to which the minutes of the second round were not signed”.

However to open a new chapter of transit trade and to facilitate transit trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan, both sides almost agreed on urgent solution of the remaining operational issues as soon as possible. The Afghan side pointed out that Pakistan has raised the customs valuation on Afghan exports to Pakistan especially on fresh fruits and dry fruits since  last three years. Pakistan side stated that Afghanistan has also raised customs valuation on Pakistan kinnow, mango and vegetables exports.

Both sides agreed to review and agree to a mechanism beneficial for exporters on both sides within one month including other issues too which also involves the issue of containers and Demurrages & Detention Charges.

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