Karachi, Pakistan stock market on Monday was a strong trend


The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) witnessed a sharp rise on Monday and the KSE-100 Index crossed the 44,700-point mark with an increase of 900 points, while the market capitalization increased by more than Rs 164 billion, bringing the total volume to Rs 79 trillion. The stock price also rose by 82.38% due to the business boom. The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) has been on a bullish trend since the start of trading on Monday, with investors and financial institutions making lower price gains. The KSE-100 index recorded a gain of 978.51 points on Monday in the Pakistan Stock Exchange, taking the index from 44788.08 points to 44766.59 points. With an increase of 420.16 points, the KSE-30 Index increased from 18149.37 points to 18569.53 points while the KSE-All Shares Index increased from 30013.05 points to 30647.57 points. As a result, the total volume of capital increased from Rs. 77.92 billion to Rs. 79.57 billion. The stock market traded at 45.55 million shares worth Rs. 21 billion on Monday as against 44.25 million shares worth Rs. 21 billion last Friday. A total of 403 companies traded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange yesterday, out of which 332 companies saw gains, 59 saw losses and 12 companies saw gains. In terms of turnover, TRG Pak Ltd. with 24.8 million shares, Unity Foods Ltd. with 23.6 million shares, Fuji Cement with 21.08 million shares, Bio Petroleum with 21 million shares and K Electric Ltd. with 187,000 shares topped the list. Similarly, the share price of Nelse Pakistan rose by Rs 286.25 to Rs 6036.25 while the share price of Sunrise Textile declined by Rs 71.03. Shares of Z Textile fell to Rs 876.97 and shares of White Pak Ltd fell from Rs 21.54 to Rs 983.58.

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